Manny Pacquiao: Floyd Mayweather is still ducking me

By Scott Christ

Manny Pacquiao talks about his November 22 fight with Chris Algieri, and the belief that Floyd Mayweather is still avoiding a fight with him.

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Peter Quillin vacates WBO title, won’t fight Matt Korobov

By Scott Christ

Peter Quillin isn’t WBO middleweight titleholder anymore, as he’s relinquished the title, ostensibly to chase bigger fights.

In a move that has a lot of boxing folks hanging their head in shame, WBO middleweight titleholder Peter Quillin has decided to vacate his belt rather than face mandatory challenger Matt Korobov, in a fight that had been bought at purse bid by new promotional firm Roc Nation Sports.

“I’d like to thank WBO president Paco Valcarcel and his organization for their support throughout the years,” said Quillin. “Winning the WBO world championship was a highlight in my career and something I’ll never forget, this is a difficult decision, but in order to make the fights the fans and I want against my fellow middleweights at the top of the division, I needed to relinquish the title. This is an exciting new chapter in my life, and I’m looking forward to cementing my spot as the best middleweight in the world.”

Quillin was scheduled to make a career-best $1.4 million for the fight, and most of the reaction thus far has been to dismiss his credibility as “middleweight champion,” as if he ever really had any, and to suddenly hold titles up as meaningful and valuable.

But since boxing fans and media are so quick to dismiss title belts in the first place, why does this really matter? The idea that Quillin is “ducking” Korobov is kind of silly, since the fact of the matter is, it looks as though Quillin is instead targeting a much-discussed fight with Daniel Jacobs, who is also advised by Al Haymon and fights under the Golden Boy banner.

Jacobs holds the WBA “regular” title, which is a paper belt to be sure, but so was Quillin’s WBO title, for all it really matters. The calls of Quillin being a coward are overdone, but boxing breeds a desire to see things that aren’t going to happen. If Quillin had unified his belt with another — which wasn’t on the table right now, anyway — then he probably would have been forced to vacate or stripped of one of them, anyway.

My point is, these title belts get in the way as much as they help anything. Forget the stupid belts for a moment. If Quillin fights Jacobs instead of Korobov, are you really going to be upset that you’re getting a better fight? If he doesn’t, and he fights another Konecny or Guerrero level opponent, then sure, raise hell, but until then, I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

Of course, the other thing here is that Al Haymon likely didn’t want to work with Roc Nation Sports, even though they had proposed giving his fighter a lot of money, and supposedly, getting his fighters lots of money is the thing Haymon cares about. So maybe it is shameful, but I’m not sure it’s Quillin that deserves the blame here even if it is.

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Peter Quillin vacates WBO middleweight title

By Togorashi Middleweight star Peter Quillin announced today that he is vacating his WBO middleweight title, effective immediately, in order to pursue bigger opportunities at 160 pounds. In doing so, Quillin passes up a career high $1.4 million payday by defending against …



Roy Jones Jr returns to action on September 26

By Scott Christ

Roy Jones Jr will be back again on September 26, as he’s suddenly a busy fighter.

Legendary (and now totally shot) fighter Roy Jones Jr will be back in the ring on September 26, fighting for the second time in two months, this time making his way to Krasnodar, Russia, for what should be another easy night of work.

Jones, 45, beat Courtney Fry on July 26 in Latvia, stopping the UK club fighter after five rounds. This time out, he’ll face Hany Atiyo (14-2, 10 KO), a similar non-entity. Atiyo hasn’t fought since June 2013, when he was knocked out in four rounds by Joey Vegas in Uganda.

Jones (58-8, 41 KO) is basically on an exhibition tour at this point, getting paid a little money to put on shows for fans that didn’t get the chance to see him live in his prime. It’s hardly the worst thing — nobody really wants to see Jones face anyone legitimate again, but fighting guys like Atiyo, Fry, and Zine Eddine Benmakhlouf isn’t so bad. They pose little threat to Roy, even at his age, and clearly enough fans are willing to go to these fights that they remain viable. Also, Roy gets to rap at most of these shows, so that’s fun.

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