AIBA bosses will meet to discuss Rio Olympics

By Togorashi

By Ognian Georgiev

AIBA president Ching-Kwo Wu called an emergency meeting after Rio Olympics with his most trusted lieutenants. The gathering will take place in AIBA offices in Lausanne and will last two days (28-29 August). The high officials will discuss the future of the organization and what to improve in the next four years.

Wu summoned his five continental vice-presidents Osvaldo Bisbal (Arg), Franco Falcinelli (It), Kelani Bayor (Tog), Serik Konakbayev (Kaz) and Edgar Tanner (Aus). Two others will have very important roles. They are both Americans.

The Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission, Tom Virgets will be present. According to® sources, he probably will lead the disciplinary action against world champion at 56 kg Michael Conlan and probably against some others connected with Irish boxing. The Irish star showed middle fingers to the officials after being controversially eliminated by Vladimir Nikitin (Rus) in the quarterfinals of Rio Olympics.

The R&J evaluator for the Olympic competition, Ray Silvas also will be present. He must give his opinion on the controversial bouts during the Rio Games. Silvas’s view on the future of The Magnificent Seven, the 5-star R/Js who were removed during Olympic tournament, also will be considered.

“I believe strong action is required by AIBA to restore confidence in the integrity of its competitions. I believe the 5-star R/Js and AIBA executive director should have no future involvement,” we were told by a respected member of AIBA Executive Committee.

The other important topic will be the case against “reassigned” AIBA executive director Karim Bouzidi. He was surprisingly deposed at the same time as The Magnificent Seven.

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