Boxing Bob Delivers Address To NABF Convention

By Togorashi

By Gary “Digital” Williams

Long-time Feature Writer Boxing Bob Newman was a keynote speaker during Friday’s general session of the NABF Convention in Washington, DC. Newman, who has been a familiar media presence at boxing cards and boxing conventions for many years, talked to convention goers about the love-hate relationship between boxing and the media.

Photo: Carlos Baeza

“The media’s responsibility is to be accurate,” Newman said as he related a story where he interviewed future heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Newman wrote an article in which Klitschko said he would move to the United States and dominate the heavyweight division. When Klitschko and his camp denied those comments, Newman was able to prove otherwise with the tape of Klitschko saying those very words.

Newman also told the audience that other parts of the boxing community needed to hold up their shares of the relationship.

“Boxers need to make weight…Promoters need to work together…Sanctioning bodies need to work together…Judges need to just be better.”

Newman received a token of appreciation from NABF President Duane Ford following his presentation. The convention continues in the Nation’s Capitol until Sunday.

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