Filipino Dacquel keeps OPBF 115lb belt against Onaga

By toshiro

By Joe Koizumi
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Filipino champ Rene Dacquel successfully retained his OPBF super-flyweight belt when he was trailing on points, badly floored IBF#8 and OPBF#1 Go Onaga, a southpaw counterpuncher, in the eighth and scored a come-from-behind unanimous decision (115-112, 114-113, 117-110) over twelve rounds on Sunday in Okinawa, Japan. Onaga, from Okinawa, swept nearly all rounds with effective southpaw lefts prior to a trick happening with Dacquel’s right exploding midway in round eight, after which the champ took a complete control, overcame his previous deficit on points and registered a landslide victory. Onaga, due to the bad knockdown, was apparently slowing down thereafter and failed to win the belt for the third time—firstly the national belt against Yota Sato in 200, secondly the same Japanese title against Teiru Kinoshita in 2012 and this time against Dacquel. Onaga had been a prohibitive favorite, but his visit to the deck cost a victory and there’s no third time lucky for him.

Seita Ogido, of Okinawa, won an important unanimous decision over WBO#9 minimum Jeffrey Galero of Philippines over eight.

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