Głowacki-Usyk open training

By Togorashi

By Przemek Garczarczyk

It’s unbeaten professional world champion vs. unbeaten Olympic gold medalist. WBO cruiserweight champion Krzysztof Głowacki (26-0, 16 KOs) of poland takes on 2012 Olympic star Oleksandr Usyk (9-0, 9 KO) of Ukraine on September 17 at the ERGO Arena in Gdańsk, Poland, but today in Warsaw Old Town the fighters showed a glimpse of what fans can expect.

Before open training, Usyk was very open and honest when talking to Polsat commentator Mateusz Borek on “Puncher,” the most popular Polish boxing TV show. “Głowacki fought boxing giants and defeated them. It’s hard to predict how tough fight with Głowacki will be. What I can say is that I’ll be very well prepared for the toughest bout in my career,” said Usyk.

“I liked the Głowacki-Huck fight. Although he was supposedly leading on the judges’ cards, Huck was losing this bout. It was a lie, judges were helping him. Głowacki was stronger and won, fair and square. Everybody was talking that Huck was not in his best disposition, would win this if better prepared – this and that. It’s laughable. If Huck wasn’t ready, why did he step into the ring? He lost and should acknowledge that. The (Głowacki) fight with Cunningham was also cool. Cunningham is a tough fighter. He was doing OK in the cruiserweight and heavyweight division. But Głowacki beat them all,” Usyk concluded.

WBO champion Głowacki said, “I can’t wait. I’m tired but ready for Oleksandr. I’m not paying any attention to pre-fight press conferences or face-offs. Looking in someone eyes? Anyone can do it. Also, I’m not paying any attention to what people predict. It’s not them fighting – it’s me. I’m not overly concerned about what Usyk is saying – or doing. The better man will win – simple. I have no problem with fighting southpaws. Funny, after some of the sparring sessions, I could read them better than regular, orthodox fighters. With my trainer (Fiodor Łapin) we did everything as before, no special changes needed because I’m fighting Usyk. What worked before, will work this time!”

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