Incredible Hill crushes Kolmarge Harris in one round

By Togorashi

By David Finger

In a fight result that surprised nobody, undefeated Curtis “The Incredible” Hill Jr., 174.6, scored a first round TKO over the badly faded former journeyman Kolmarge Harris, 182, on Saturday night at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana. Hill and Harris were fighting for what was billed by the promoter as the vacant Indiana State title, despite that fact that Harris was from Lansing Michigan, had never fought in Indiana, had come in seven pounds over the light heavyweight limit, had not won a fight since January of 2012, was 41-years old, and had a record of 2-16 going into the fight. Hill, as was expected seemed to hurt the older man with the first punch he landed.

Harris clearly struggled with the speed of the younger man but to his credit seemed to try to punch his way out of trouble. However, it was apparent that Harris lacked any speed whatsoever and that legs were gone even before the fight began. After a slow opening ten seconds of the round in which Hill and Harris traded jabs, Hill discovered that Harris lacked the legs to stand up to a heavy barrage when a right hand from a clinch sent Harris backing into the ropes. Hill immediately jumped on Harris and seconds later rattled Harris with a four-punch combination in response to a pawing right cross from Harris.

Harris covered up but was quickly pushed back into the neutral corner as he tried in vain to initiate a clinch. Hill continued to tee off on the Lansing native with ease, although Harris to his credit continued to try and find lightning in the bottle with the perfect counterpunch as Hill rushed in. It would not be for Harris, however. After a short break in the action where both fighters seemed content to wrestle on the inside, Hill upped his pressure once again, hurting Harris with a pair of right hands to the chin and a left hook to the body. As Harris backed into the ropes Hill jumped all over him, teeing off on a Harris who was trying desperately to weather the storm. A two punch combination sent Harris’s head snapping back as Harris stumbled into the corner where Hill unloaded on him.

As Harris’s head snapped back from a pair of left hooks referee Kurt Spivey wisely waved the appalling mismatch off at just past the two minute mark of the opening round. With the win Hill captures the Indiana State Light Heavyweight title and sees his record improve to 8-0, 4 KOs. Harris, who has spent the last four years working with disadvantaged children in the Lansing Area as part of his non-profit organization called the Lansing Spartan Youth Organization, saw his record drop to 2-17, 2 KOs.

Many fans are hoping that this is Harris’s last fight in the boxing ring as he has emerged as a popular and well liked personality in the boxing community in Michigan thanks to his extensive work with the LSYO. Harris claimed that a rapid weight loss program he underwent to take the fight (losing 63-pounds in six weeks) affected his performance. For Hill, it is hard to gauge what sort of prospect he is based on this fight, although questions must be asked as to why his opposition remains so poor at this stage of his career.

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