Jean Claude Van Damme interview

By Togorashi

Action Movie Star and big fight fan Jean Claude Van Damme was in Melbourne this week and was interviewed by promoter Peter Maniatis for the C31 KO Boxing show.

“I would like to wish Manny all the best for his next title fight with Jessie Vargas,” said Van Damme. “Manny should beat Vargas.”

Van Damme also is hoping Manny Pacquiao can have a rematch with Floyd Mayweather without the shoulder problem that Manny fought Floyd with last time. “Manny will be in better shape for the rematch,” stated Van Damme, who added that Manny is one of his favorite fighters. “Manny Pacquiao fights with so much heart for himself and for his country. Pacquiao is a warrior but so is Mayweather it will be a great fight” said Van Damme who was also impressed with Manny building houses for homeless people.

Van Damme also said “I want to give a big kiss to all the people and my friends in the Philippines. I have not been there for over 20 years but I would like to visit again,” said Van Damme.

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