Juanma-Vazquez Jr feud heats up

By Togorashi

During an intense press conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, time world champion Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez (34-5, 31 KOs) and former world champion Wilfredo “Papito” Vazquez (24-6-1, 19 KOs) faced off at the kickoff announcement for their October 8th grudge match to resolve their bitter feud at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum.

Photo: Misael Rodriguez Quijano/Black Tiger Promotions

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr: Everyone knows my thinking towards ‘Juanma.’ No more trash talk because I will not lose my focus. I was training for a fight on June 25 but that fight was canceled and thank God this fight was offered. I’ve never ducked anyone. I’ve never gotten any credit from señor Juanma Lopez. I’ve taken his crap and responded to those comments and now the fight is made. I will show Juanma Lopez that sacrifice defeats talent.

Juanma Lopez: This fight comes from many years of talk from Papito Vazquez. I said if you want to fight me, they have to pay me what I was worth as the time. I didn’t say that if you were receiving this, I have to get that. I don’t fight for names, I fight for business. I don’t fight for reputation, but it’s necessary to be a famous person so people will see it…I remember a video where Papito said he would fight me for free at 130lbs or 160lbs, but in negotiations, you wanted a catchweight of less than 130 and now want 50%.

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr: I fight at 126 and spoke of 126, but then said 130, but we’re going to change the rules and make the fight 15 rounds.

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