Mayweather signs Peruvian Zambrano

By toshiro

Story and photo by Héctor Villarreal

WBA Interim Featherweight Champion, Carlos Zambrano (26-0) became the newest member of TMT Promotions.

In a press conference held at Central Panama Restaurant in Panama City, Panama, Foyd Mayweather Jr. announced the adquisition of Zambrano and his intention to help rookie professional fighter Gerardo Murillo Jr. the son of Zambrano’s Panamanian trainer.

“I guarantee that Zambrano will have all of the support to take his career to the next level. He is a talented fighter, tall for his weight division and he is not easy to punch” Mayweather said.

“I’m proud of becoming a part of such an important brand in boxing and I want to announce my compromise of training triple than usual to fill the expectations.

Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, President of WBA, confirmed that Zambrano remains as Interim Champion of the featherweights on the new rankings released yesterday despite having more than a year of inactivity.

“Fighters are always our main concern in WBA and we are confident that Zambrano will fight very soon and
participate on our proccess to leave only one champion for each division” added Mendoza.

Mayweather insisted on his decision of stay on retirement, expressed his intention of watching the movie based on Roberto Duran’s life after traveling to Brazil to support USA team and scout some talented fighters on Olympic boxing.

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