Parker vs Ruiz update

By toshiro

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

WBO#1 heavyweight Joseph Parker is totally focused for his WBO championship title bout against WBO#3 Andy Ruiz. There is no certainty if the world title contest will be in New Zealand or the USA. Parker’s promoter

Duco Events founder David Higgins said “I spoke to Joseph and he says it’s the best camp he’s had to date. He’s in a really good head space, he’s not worried about any of this.

“Joseph Parker is very mentally tough, it’s one of his major strengths. He just gets on with the job in hand which is training.”

Higgins said New Zealand remained Parker’s preferred venue for the fight “and it’s still ours and we will do everything to make it happen.”

Higgins and his partner Dean Lonergan would be working on the financial numbers again this weekend.

“We personally think the best thing is to have that in New Zealand,” Lonergan said. “If it gives Joe an extra five per cent chance, it’s worth the endeavour, if it gives him an extra 10 per cent, well it’s really hard to say no.

“But again, we have fiscal responsibilities. This is a massive event.

“He (Parker) knows 100 percent he is fighting Andy Ruiz, he knows 100 per cent he’s going to be fighting inside the next three to four months and, most importantly he knows he’s getting inside a 21 foot x 21 foot boxing ring. It’s coming down to where this fight is going to take place.

“Joseph and Kevin (Barry) are preparing very hard right now for this. They are working towards a December 10 date and while we still have a 20 percent chance of pulling this in, they will continue to do so until we tell them differently. It’s not over yet.”

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