PBC on Spike Results: Terrell Gausha beats Steve Martinez by majority decision.

By Wil Esco

It was a pretty nit and tuck affair, but Terrell Gausha impressed the judges with a consistent jab to beat an aggressive Steve Martinez.

Terrell Gausha was attacked early and often, but he was able to remain calm and stick behind a sharp jab to win a majority decision over Steve Martinez by scores of 97-93, 97-93, 95-95. I scored the fight 96-94 for Martinez but I’ll admit there were many close rounds in which I favored Martinez’s aggression.

Steve Martinez came out as he said he would and took it right to Gausha, pushing him back to the ropes and throwing combinations to the head and body. But Gausha’s sharp and clear jab, which he used consistently throughout the fight, was enough of a problem to keep Martinez from completely bullrushing him every round.

In the end, Gausha remains an unbeaten prospect while Martinez was clearly unhappy with the decision. There was no robbery here, just a hard and close fight that could’ve gone either way depending on what style impressed you.

Source:: Bad Left Hook