Pryor Jr. and Yildirim make weight

By Togorashi

Aaron Pryor jr. and Avni Yildirim are fired up for their super middleweight clash on Saturday (August 27th) in Berlin, Germany. The American tipped the scale at 75.6 kg (166.6 lbs.) while Yildirim weighed in at 76.0 kg (167.5 lbs.). Pryor has a huge height and reach advantage but the unbeaten Turk made very clear that he is not intimidated by the size of his opponent.

“There is a saying: The taller they are, the harder they fall”, said Yildirim. “I don’t care if my opponent is smaller or taller than me. Once he lies flat on the canvas he is as big as everybody else. Of course, I will have to adjust my game plan. But I had good sparring sessions with tall guys. This is no problem for me.”

Pryor jr. vs. Yildirim is the main event of a seven bout card promoted by Ahmet Oener which will be broadcasted live in Germany (Sportdigital), Turkey (Aspor) and tape delayed on ESPN.

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