Rosado-Monroe feud erupts on conference call

By Togorashi

By Karl Freitag

Things heated up Monday between middleweights “King” Gabriel Rosado (23-9, 13 KOs) and Willie “The Mongoose” Monroe, Jr. (20-2, 6 KOs), who meet in the twelve round co-feature on the September 17 Canelo vs. Smith PPV. Golden Boy Exec Eric Gomez stated the winner of this clash could be in the running for a Canelo fight. Both had stated that they were avoided by WBO middleweight champ Billy Joe Saunders when all hell broke loose.

Rosado: Honestly, I don’t know who the hell Monroe thinks he is. He thinks he’s like this big puncher or something and people are scared to fight him. Nobody knows who the hell he is! Honestly I told Gomez ‘Whoever it is, just make it happen.’ Willie’s acting like he’s being ducked, like he’s some big puncher, he’s really nothing special. He only fought one world class guy.

Monroe: I didn’t know punching was the only aspect of boxing. I’m pretty much a four-dimensional fighter…

Rosado: You didn’t fight nobody. You didn’t fight no world class fighters. You fought GGG and quit. And I’m gonna make you quit too!

Monroe: That’s all you can say, but every middleweight has had you and ran through you so…

Rosado: You’re nothing special dude. You fought a bunch of ESPN fighters.

Monroe: And I’m about to fight another one.

Rosado: I’ve beat world class fighters dude. I’ve got world class fighters on my resume that I beat. You ain’t beat nobody special. You’re a bum!

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