Terence Crawford calls out Danny Garcia

By Wil Esco

Terence Crawford says he wants to fight Danny Garcia for his welterweight title.

Newly crowned WBC junior welterweight titlist Terence Crawford has taken exception to some comments made by trainer Angel Garcia, and is now calling out his son Danny Garcia to vie for his welterweight title. The two fighters have some history in the amateurs, but after Angel Garcia recently called Crawford a “made believe champion,” Crawford responded directly on social media.

@DannySwift yo dad said im a made up champion for beating the guy yall was scared to fight

— Terence Crawford (@budcrawford402) August 9, 2016

@DannySwift so i tell you what tell yo dad make the fight and ill show him how much of a paper champ i am at yo weight and for yo belt.

— Terence Crawford (@budcrawford402) August 9, 2016

Garcia himself responded to Crawford’s challenge with the following statement:

@budcrawford402 you doing what I did 3 years ago. I ain’t no little gamboa or stiff postal. I end careers check my track record.

— Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia (@DannySwift) August 9, 2016

Of course Crawford, never one to back down, didn’t let it go at that…

@DannySwift that same stiff guy yall paid so you didn’t have to fight his that guy? Look im not them old guy you been fighting you know that

— Terence Crawford (@budcrawford402) August 9, 2016

How you run a weight class but pay someone step aside money not to fight you but you ran through the weight class how that go

— Terence Crawford (@budcrawford402) August 9, 2016

After that response Garcia took aim at Crawford’s PPV numbers and told him to get in touch with Al Haymon if he wants the fight.

@budcrawford402 your fight did 50k buys lol if you wanna do real numbers and get defeated. Tell bob to call AL. ✌ ️

— Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia (@DannySwift) August 9, 2016

Crawford finishes with a simple “No Problem” reply, indicating that he would have Bob Aum call Haymon to make the fight, but who knows it this actually goes anywhere. i do know, however, that I’d love to see it happen…

Source:: Bad Left Hook