The 12th Round: WBC Annual Convention – Closing of a Great Year in Boxing

By toshiro

By Mauricio Sulaiman
WBC President – Jose Sulaiman´s son

Last week was very special, I visited my son Jose who is studying in high school at the Tabor Academy in Massachusetts and got to spend a magical day with him. He is growing into building his future with the dreams of a Sulaiman! He was elected class President, is playing football and is doing great in class. Driving back to Logan airport and watching the beauty of the leaves as Fall arrives made me remember my school days. Those three years at Winchendon School were the best of my life. As much as it hurts to know my son is away from home, I know it is the best for him and his future.

I flew from Boston to New York to be present at a memorable event. The presentation of the Tag Heuer “Muhammad Ali” commemorative watch. It was at the legendary Gleason´s Gym and Mr Jean Claude Biver’s leadership brought together some boxing greats like Evander Holyfield, George Chuvalo, Earnie Shavers, JC Chavez, Roberto Duran and even Tom Brady joined the group to honor Lonnie Ali who is the first lady of boxing. A unique gold watch was produced and auctioned and a check for $120,000 USD was presented to the Muhammad Ali center. I was so happy to be with Mustafa Hamsho who fought Hagler twice, Mark Breland, Alicia Napoleon, Iran Barkley, Alicia Ashley and so many more friends of the boxing community who gathered together for this special event.



During this visit to NY the WBC Green Team met to go over many pending matters for our upcoming annual convention which will take place at the Diplomat Hotel and beach resort in Florida from December 11-17. Chuck Williams, Alberto Leon, Alberto Guerra, Jill Diamond and Mauro Gazcon got their final plan to put into action for this to be a successful gathering of the WBC family.

The WBC annual convention is the time when the boxing community of the world meets to review all aspects of the sport and plan for the future. During these conventions many of the historic changes of rules have taken place. The reduction from 15 to 12 rounds, the change to a day before weigh in, the introduction of Instant Replay, the planning of the Clean Boxing Program and so on.

All meetings are open and all matters are discussed in an open floor with anyone being able to provide information and speak with absolute transparency. The ratings of each division are reviewed and the mandatory fights are discussed and approved for each weight category.

Training and certification seminars for judges and referees are one of the top priorities as well as all the workshops for Ring officials, Doctors, Supervisors, Inspectors, etc.

This year´s convention will feature some very important topics including:

– Muhammad Ali tribute which will consist of many special surprises.
– Annual Awards to the best of 2016.
– Special Awards to Legendary champions.
– Clean Boxing Program administration update.
– Amateur Boxing World Program.
– Female Boxing action plan.
– Medical Research Report and specific plans of action.


Boxing has been enjoying a great 2016 with memorable fights and there are still some which promise to be at the highest level. Boxing needs to find the way to work together as an industry and to move forward with collaboration and mutual respect. There are fights that need to be made and if done 2017 will be a year to look forward to in all aspects.

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