118-108 judge won’t judge again in UK

By Togorashi

Veteran boxing judge Clark Sammartino won’t be allowed to officiate again in the UK after getting the boxers mixed up in Saturday’s IBF world bantamweight title fight in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Challenger Ryan Burnett dominated defending champion Lee Haskins over twelve rounds with two knockdowns, but the arena went into shock when Sammartino’s card came back 118-108 in favor of Haskins. British Boxing Board of Control general secretary Robert Smith told SkySports, “I can tell you one thing. [Sammartino] will not be coming back to this country, and I will make sure the IBF are told of that!”

Promoter Eddie Hearn stated, “He scored two 10-8 rounds to Haskins! His scorecard was excellent: it was just the wrong way around. He’s 80-odd. I’ve never seen anything like it. I presume the split decision will be revoked. It’ll be a unanimous decision, it must be.”

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Source:: Fightnews.com