By Togorashi

By Johnny B’

As a collector of USA Midwest boxing news, I am reporting on the updated condition of former USBA Featherweight Champion Daniel Franco. Daniel, a native of California, was halted last Saturday in the eighth round of his attempt to regain the USBA Featherweight title versus top contender Jose Haro from Utah.

Franco earlier in his boxing career suffered a third round knockout at the hands of boxer Chris Martin (29-8-3) last March. Records show Franco got back on the winning track May 12th with an easy first round KO over Mexico’s Francisco Agustin Suarez. My understanding is that you must be coming off of a win to fight for a title, or at least this title.

According to records, this was only Suarez second professional bout, losing both. The word I am hearing is that after the Martin bout, Franco was just not the same fighter.

Either way, this televised bout was a doozy. Lots of action and good exchanges from both boxers, with Haro getting the better in most of the rounds. In the eighth round, when I expect most Franco fans figured that Daniel was going to show how he won the USBA title several months earlier, it just did not happen. Around the last minute of the round, Haro landed a vicious right hand followed by a left to the head as Franco was on the way down.

Illinois referee Celestino Ruiz counted, and after finishing the mandatory eight-count apparently felt Franco was good to go. Shortly after the match continued, the shorter Haro landed another crushing right hand and Franco appeared to be out before he hit the canvas. Referee Ruiz waved off the contest and within seconds, the ringside physicians were attending to Daniel Franco.

After several minutes, Franco’s corner-men and the ringside doctors tried to help Daniel to his stool. Franco could not even support his own weight and was carried to his stool and attended to. The doctors quickly ordered Franco to be rushed to the hospital for further care, where he ended up having emergency surgery for what has been reported as at least two brain bleeds.

There have been many reports on Franco’s condition. The latest is that he will need several weeks of recovery. With continued medical attention and prayers he hopefully will recover.

After receiving his championship belt and being interviewed, Jose Haro showed what a classy young man he is. Haro was wishing his opponent a speedy recovery, and saying, everyone please pray for good health for Daniel Franco.

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