Arum: Joshua’s chin is suspect, Parker and Wilder could knock him out

By Wil Esco

Bob Arum gives his take on Anthony Joshua’s chances against the other heavyweight titleholders.

When Top Rank promoter Bob Arum gets asked what kind of chance he would give Joseph Parker to knock out Anthony Joshua in a heavyweight title unification, he offered a response that might not expect…

“I give [Parker] a good chance [to KO Joshua]. I think Joshua is a really good, exciting fighter. Real great marquee and everything, and he’s very ballsy. But I don’t think he has a good chin. I really think his chin is suspect and I think that Parker, who may not be the greatest boxer in the world, but Parker has a chin like iron. And I think he’ll stay in there with Joshua and he could knock Joshua out.

“I really believe that. I think the same thing about [Deontay] Wilder – I think Wilder could knock Joshua out.”

The response in interesting considering that Joshua has taken some monster shots, been dropped, but has always rallied back to win big — most recently against Wladimir Klitschko. Meanwhile the jury still seems to be out on what kind of shot Wilder will be able to take once he gets in with the creme of the crop.

What say you, fans? Is Joshua’s chin suspect? And is it more suspect than Wilder’s?

Source:: Bad Left Hook

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