Brook: Khan would love to see me lose against Spence

By Wil Esco

Errol Spence Jr. has set up shop in Amir Khan’s gym – Brook’s mortal enemy!

Errol Spence Jr. has made an early trip out to England to get him acclimated to his surroundings as he prepares to go into the biggest fight of his life, May 27. On that day he’ll challenge IBF welterweight titlist Kell Brook in his hometown of Sheffield, England. But as Spence puts the finishing touches on his training camp, he’s been working out at Amir Khan’s gym — who has lent it to Spence — and who also happens to be Brook’s biggest domestic rival.

Brook says Khan welcoming Spence into his gym is rather typical of Khan, who he believes wants nothing more than for him to take a loss in this outing.

“That’s Amir Khan through and through,” said Brook in Fuerteventura where his training camp has been based. “He would love to see me lose this fight so he doesn’t have to fight me but that’s not going to happen.

“He can lend Errol his gym but he can’t save him on May 27 and the only thing on my mind is the fight.”

As an added bonus to never-ending Khan-Brook feud, Khan is expected to be on hand for the welterweight showdown at Bramall Lane. And one can only guess what we might see by way of post-fight antics.

Source:: Bad Left Hook