Danny Jacobs vs. Luis Arias Is Signed and Official

By Rajeev Lewis

Photo: Matchroom Boxing

Danny Jacobs will face Luis Arias on November 11th at the Nassau Coliseum, with Jarrell Miller & Mariusz Wach providing chief support on the undercard.

Earlier today Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom boxing hosted a press conference in Manhattan announcing his signing of Danny Jacobs and the event on November 11th.

Hearn looked happy as ever as he announced his intention to make moves in the US going forward, while cheekily expressing the value his ‘fresh style’ of promotion could bring there. He is ecstatic to have signed Jacobs, who he promises to keep active and successful, and who he believes should already be a superstar, given his backstory which he claims destroys that of “Hands of Stone” and “Bleed For This”. It wouldn’t be surprising if Hearn was planning Jacobs’ biopic already.

The fighters came to the stage, starting with venerable giant Mariusz Wach. He spoke through his interpreter, only uttering a few words to thank those in attendance and to promise a war on November 11th. He looked tired, and was by far the least animated speaker.

Following him, after a brief introduction from promoter Dmitry Salita, was Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, who gave the most entertaining bit of the afternoon. Full of laughter, Miller thanked everyone involved and especially praised Hearn for, despite being a foreigner, seeing in him what most Americans do not. Miller spoke about his success despite the lack of preparation during his previous fight, and promised a far superior performance in November. He showed his Polish opponent respect in an interesting way, speaking of the Polish defense of Haitian slaves against the French, to say that “Wach looks white but he’s actually black, so he’ll fight twice as hard!”. This was followed however by a relaxed delivery of verbal savagery, with Miller promising to kill, knockout, and behead Wach in their fight (in that order). Wach, after having his interpreter mumble some rendition to him, merely smiled.

After introductions from trainer John David Jackson and promoter Dino Duva, up came Luis Arias. The young fighter had been smirking during the entire conference, especially whenever someone talked about their high respect and faith in Jacobs’ skills. When Arias came up to stage, after smiling wide from pure excitement he immediately began taunting: “Danny Jacobs goes down! Danny Jacobs goes down! He’s not getting up Jim!”. He said that while Jacobs was a good fighter, he was being way overrated for merely surviving the distance against Golovkin. He commented that Jacobs was doing perhaps more running than boxing in that fight, and more than anything criticized Jacobs’ chin, given the knockdowns he has thus far suffered in his career (Arias has never been knocked down as a pro). Arias then claimed to have had a superior amateur career to Jacobs and compared their achievements. He issued an ultimatum to Jacobs for fight-night, telling him not to run but instead to fight. In closing he made a plea for donations to victims in Las Vegas and Mexico.

To finish the conference, Jacobs took to the podium. He started by praising Arias for taking the challenge, and commented on the risk he poses as a fighter. He then classily addressed Arias’ comments, saying that any comparisons of previous records or performances against other men did not hold the same weight here. Jacobs laughed off his knockdown history, and made some fun of Arias’ gold bling and gaudily colorful outfit. Jacobs had been in a jolly mood throughout, and even during Arias’ trash talk he just laughed it off. While he did say he planned to shut Arias up, he was mostly fixated on thanking everyone for the opportunity and promising a good show.

We should be in for an interesting clash of personalities as we move towards November 11th, and we will see what else Matchroom has in store for the future.

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