Del Bosque blasts out Ramos in two

By Togorashi

By Jeff Zimmerman
Photos: Lucio Quintero

In the main event at The Bomb Factory in Dallas Texas with the Texas Title Belt on the line, lightweights Cresencio Ramos out of San Antonio (10-1, 4 KOs) and Alexis Del Bosque (13-4, 9 KOs) out of Dallas squared off in an entertaining Texas showdown while it lasted. Del Bosque went to the body early and often as Ramos countered with big shots to the head of Del Bosque. However, it was a right hand of Del Bosque that rocked Ramos against the ropes followed by a tornado of shots to the head and body of Ramos before Referee Robert Chapa jumped in to stop the battle.

Del Bosque and Ramos both fought at The Bomb Factory back in April against different opponents, so perhaps they had a chance to size each other up. Ramos likely was the betting favorite coming in as he was undefeated and Del Bosque had lost 2 of 3 but from the opening bell it was apparent records didn’t matter. Both came to fight and that they did. As Ramos was headhunting and having success as Del Bosque’s face was bloodied, Del Bosque was blasting multiple shots to the body of Ramos throughout the 1st round.

The 2nd round was much of the same with both guys swinging for the fences. Although it was early in the fight, the constant shots to the body slowed down Ramos and when Del Bosque landed the big right upstairs, Ramos was clearly hurt and soon tasting his first defeat as a professional.

The time was 2:44 of the 2nd round of the scheduled six. Del Bosque became the Texas Lightweight Champion with the KO victory. The card was promoted by Golden Eagle Promotions in association with Montoya-Ruibal Boxing.

James Robinson vs. Joey Alday

In a rugged fight in the co-main event, Top Rank’s middleweight Joey Alday (5-0, 5 KOs) dropped James Robinson (4-8-4, 1 KOs) in the 1st and 6th round, before Referee Neal Young decided Robinson had enough at the dismay of Robinson and stopped the fight. Every time Alday landed a punch, Robinson grabbed Alday which finally caused Young to deduct a point from the frustrated Robinson in the 3rd round.

Alday completely dominated the fight but had trouble ending it due to the constant holding. Robinson, though, showed he had a puncher’s chance when he swung wildly and landed a shot on the jaw of Alday in the 6th round but Alday quickly shook it off and taunted Robinson to come forward. Robinson obliged and Alday quickly dropped him to the roar of the pro-Alday crowd who resides in Odessa, TX. Although Robinson got back to his feet, the fight was stopped at 1:08 of the sixth and final round. Alday remained undefeated with the TKO victory.

Raymond Chacon vs. Ray Ximenez

In a rematch from last December, southpaw featherweight’s Rey Ximenez (16-1, 4 KOs) and Raymond Chacon (7-23-1) went back at it over six rounds. Just like in their first match-up, Ximenez proved too fast for the game Chacon. Ximenez, always the aggressor, took Chacon to the ropes every round and landed beautiful combinations to the head and body of Chacon. Chacon at times would counter off the ropes, but Ximenez would quickly respond with another barrage of his own. Ximenez was in the 4th of July spirit with his dyed blue and red hair and USA socks as he earned his 16th win. The scores read 60-54 twice and 59-55 for the Dallas native.

Joaquin De la Rosa vs. Arturo Marquez

Welterweight Arturo Marquez (8-0, 5 KOs) out of Houston dropped Joaquin De la Rosa (6-2-1, 3 KOs) with a combination to the head and body in the 5th round and soon after finished him off with a flurry of shots in the corner as Referee Neal Young stepped in to waive it off. Marquez, the son of Showtime Boxing commentator and former world champion Raul Marquez, showed a versatile attack landing uppercuts, hooks and a solid jab throughout the fight, but De la Rosa came to fight and went toe to toe with Marquez at times and landed a few big right hands of his own. Marquez, though, showed why he is one of Top Rank’s hot young prospects at 20 years old by scoring the TKO. The time of stoppage was 43 seconds of round five of the scheduled six.

Jahaziel Vasquez vs. Gabriel Flores Jr

Lightweight Gabriel Flores Jr. (2-0, 2 KOs) out of Stockton, CA displayed his full arsenal against Jahaziel Vasquez out of Mexico and showed why Top Rank made him the youngest signee in their storied history. Flores Jr. came out from the opening bell snapping his jabs and landing multiple left hooks to the head and body of Vasquez. Flores Jr. glided around the ring as he dropped bombs on Vasquez hoping to put him away early, but Vasquez showed a good chin and continued to take the beating. In the fourth and final round, the referee sent Vasquez to see the doctor as one of his eyes was near shut and it was clearly bothering him. The fight continued but after a few more flurries from Flores Jr. the corner of Vasquez came up on the ring apron to stop the fight. The time of the stoppage was 1:59 of the 4th round. At only 17, Flores Jr. appears to have a bright future.

Joseph Rivera vs. Javier Trevino

In the opening bout at The Bomb Factory just outside of downtown Dallas, lightweight Joseph Rivera (5-0, 3 KOs) out of Houston dominated Javier Trevino (0-3) over four rounds. Rivera dropped Trevino in the 1st round and tried to finish the fight several times as Trevino held constantly to survive. All three judges scored it 40-35.

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