Holyfield to promote card in NYC

By karlfreitag

Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Sports & Entertainment is bringing its Real Deal Championship Boxing series to New York City. The first installment is set to take place at the Hammerstein Ballroom, on Friday, August 11th, leading into the city’s Dominican Day weekend, as part of a multi-fight agreement with the Manhattan Center Studios, Inc. The televised portion of the event will be live on CBS Sports Network. Fighters are TBA.

There have been very few boxing events in New York City due to new higher insurance requirements made the economics very onerous, especially for smaller shows.

“It’s no secret that New York has become a very difficult place to run a successful promotion given the state’s new regulations to improve health and safety,” said Eric Bentley, Chief Operating Officer of Real Deal Sports & Entertainment and the former Director of Boxing at the New York State Athletic Commission.

“It should be noted that difficult does not mean impossible,” Bentley continued. “We are also taking the health and safety initiative into our own hands by assembling an in-house medical team to observe our fighters and provide them with consistent medical oversight throughout their careers.

“Most of these athletes risk their lives without proper health coverage, fighting in different states, each with their own medical standards and requirements, that often have inconsistent philosophies on what is or isn’t contraindicative to boxing. We are looking to change that and set a new standard in the sport. This is just the first step in how we will bring boxing back to New York and how Real Deal Sports & Entertainment will make its mark in the industry.”

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