Huck promises to bring pain to Briedis

By Togorashi

One and a half weeks till the April 1 showdown between Marco “Captain“ Huck and Mairis Briedis in Dortmund, Germany, for the WBC cruiserweight title. Huck has worked very hard in the training camp in Braunlage, Niedersachsen, with his new trainer Oktay Urkal. The preparation with the former Olympic medalist was special because of Huck had broken the metacarpal bone in the last fight with Dmitro Kutcher in November 2016. But the injury is healed now and the bone is able to work under pressure.

“The pain was hard during the fight in November,” Huck said. “But of course I never thought to give up. Because of the long time being professional with my former trainer Ulli Wegner I have another sense of pain than the most other humans…”

“An Indian brave doesn´t know pain,” is a sentence in Germany every child knows. Young boys grow up with it (it’s the same meaning as “big boys don’t cry” in English). Ulli Wegner said this often to his boxers during the ring breaks.

“When it hurt during a fight, Herr Wegner remembered me in his special way of speaking that I´m an Indian brave who doesn´t know any pain. And sometimes you finish telling your trainer that you feel pain. You continue fighting like an Indian brave.”

The power of his former trainer and the power against himself help Marco Huck today. The fight with Kutcher he won in spite of the broken bone and got the belt of the International Boxing Organization.

On April 1st with Mairis Briedis, He awaits a hard-hitting opponent – normally it means pain. “But not for me,” said Huck. “I don’t know any pain. But it will be not the same thing with my opponent!”

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