Hurd Imposed His will, Charlo Shocked The World, Lara Left The Crowd Insulted

By Rajeev Lewis

Jovan Sharpe / Sunday Puncher, Boxing Lens

Recap and reviews of Jarrett Hurd vs Austin Trout, Jermell Charlo vs Erickson Lubin, and Erislandy Lara vs Terrell Gausha.

Showtime delivered another excellent card from the Barclay Center this weekend as 2017 strengthens its argument as the best year in boxing in recent memory. The final fight on the card might have been predictably monotonous, but the overall event included plenty of excitement as well as brutal surprise.

Hurd stops Trout after 10 rounds

Tom Casino / SHOWTIME

In a fight of the year contender, Hurd and Trout engaged in a shocking slug-fest which finally concluded with Trout’s corner pulling him out of the bout after round 10. Both men earned respect and cheers from the fans, and are now headed in very different directions.

Trout began the fight by showing some excellent boxing. He skillfully circled his opponent and popped him with many clean punches in between and around the guard, teaching his opponent a lesson in defense.

Hurd, however, was unperturbed as he advanced forward, loading up and eventually landing a few crucial power shots per round, setting the groundwork of his gameplan.

Although Trout wasn’t falling behind in total punches landed, he was absorbing more damage with every exchange, nearly going down in round 6. Hurd looked massive in comparison, and started lowering his guard as his confidence grew.

Round 10 was another excellent give and take, with each man landing thunderous punches, but it was Hurd who switched stances and landed a spectacular left cross. Trout stayed on his feet but had little remaining, and his corner wisely withdrew him from the remainder of the fight.

Some did not give Hurd his respect among the 154lb champions, but this performance insists otherwise. As for Austin Trout, this was his second consecutive loss. Given the depth of talent in this division, it seems his world title days may be behind him.

Charlo blasts Lubin away in the first frame

Stephanie Trapp / SHOWTIME

Now presenting KO of the year contender, Jermell Charlo (yes, not Jermall) destroyed promising challenger Erickson Lubin in the first round.

It was a cagey affair with both men taking in each other’s moves, but Lubin foolishly ducked as he got in close and got hit by a now trademark Charlo uppercut.

Lubin was floored and the bout was stopped before the 10 count was over, with him looking in great pain and having his equilibrium clearly disrupted.

It’s almost a shame we couldn’t have instead seen a longer, more competitive bout, but Charlo overcame the expectations of virtually everyone. Lubin had not been tested at such a high level before, but regardless many picked him based on his talent.

Jermell’s standing had been tainted by his tough fights against Martirosyan and Jackson, but he won those fights. Just like he won this fight in a simply incredible display.

Erislandy Lara stays true to brand

Tom Casino / SHOWTIME

After two highly entertaining, action-packed displays, Lara’s 12 round decision over Gausha was the last thing the audience wanted, and they made themselves heard.

Barclays Center, fully packed during Charlo and Hurd’s defenses, saw the crowd taper out and almost completely empty by the end of Lara-Gausha. The ones remaining were not shy with their boos and jeers.

Lara was simply the faster, sharper and better schooled man. He landed more punches, did not allow himself to get caught and minimized anything Gausha could do, dropping him with a left hand in the fourth.

However, Lara did not take the steps to close out the show in a style reminiscent of his early performances. Erislandy Lara did not make any new fans on Saturday night.

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