Jermell Charlo vs Erickson Lubin Is Everything Boxing Fans Want

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Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

As if 2017 wasn’t packed enough, we get a crossroads fight between two of highly talented super welterweights

The Charlo twins were undoubtedly amongst the best prospects in the sport just a few years ago. Jermall with just a dozen fights under his belt was already earning praise for his patience and a jab that ranked among the best in the sport. Jermell, however, didn’t have the maxed out skills like his brother. What he brought was a well-rounded attack that saw him projected as the higher achiever over time.

Jermell had everything. He could jab. He could move. He could throw combinations. He was the total package. But having a unique skillset in boxing isn’t always synonymous with quick success. Boxing isn’t like other sports where the best team will always rise to the top. In boxing, it’s not how good you are but who you know.

Could Jermell Charlo find himself in the right place at the right time? Things became tough for him when his brother and stablemate Erislandy Lara grabbed half the titles available at 154 lbs. With only 2 titles available and Canelo soon to hold another hostage, there wasn’t an easy path until the WBC decided it was time to make Charlo’s fight with John Jackson a contest for their vacant title.

Down on the cards, Charlo remained poised. There wasn’t a hint or panic or urgency with him and his corner. It was as if this was the plan all along.

Heading into this fight with one of the hottest prospects in the entire sport of boxing, the question is whether or not Charlo can find Erickson Lubin and punish him with his experience.

There is no question that Lubin has all the potential in the world. The 2016 Olympic games was missing a major piece with Lubin choosing to turn pro before the games began. Lubin has had it easy thus far in his career with hardly any opposition to date. He’s seldom lost a round and Charlo represents the toughest challenge of his career.

But now more than ever these two fighters need each other. Neither can advance without the other. Lubin represents the future and a win for Charlo will vanquish the rising phenom that everyone is projecting to be a 154 lb version of Errol Spence (until Spence makes his way up). For Lubin, Charlo is his ticket into the center stage of boxing.

These are the fights that fans should get excited for. Two young fighters with everything to lose.

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