Joe Cortez: The judges made a mistake, Chocolatito won the fight

By Togorashi

By Hesiquio Balderas

Hall of Famer and former world championship referee Joe Cortez now working as an analyst for ESPN talked to the Spanish-speaking media after the Golovking-Jacobs event. Cortez had a few words of encouragement for Roman Gonzalez after his defeat against Sor Rungvisai and also criticized the judges working the fight.

“Chocolatito won the fight clearly, there’s no doubt about it. I had Roman up in my scorecard by six points. It seems like the judges were watching a different fight than me and the audience, they made a mistake,” commented Cortez.

“I believe the position of the judges doesn’t help, the need to have a better position. They are missing a lot of punches, it doesn’t seem right, I’ve been saying for years the need to put the judges in a higher position, I was watching the fight from a higher angle and saw that Gonzalez connected the better punches.

“To me, Roman shouldn’t feel discouraged because he actually won the fight. A rematch should be next for him and remember even Muhammad Ali lost and it didn’t affect his career. To me, Chocolatito is still the best fighter in the world pound for pound.”

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