Manny Pacquiao update

By toshiro

Eleven-time world champion Manny Pacquiao will begin sparring this Saturday at the Elorde Gym at MOA for his fight with Jeff Horn on July 2nd in Brisbane.

His sparring partner, from Cebu, will be welterweight Sonny “Pinoy Hearns” Katiandagho (11-2). Katiandagho recently fought Darragh Foley in Australia. The camp also has another sparring partner as well for Saturday. Katiandagho has the same style as Jeff Horn and is the same build and is a perfect opponent to start sparring for Pacquiao.

Manny trained today at the Elorde MOA gym for 4 hours doing mitt work – plyometrics speed ball – floor to ceiling ball and sit ups. He also ran road work in the morning.

Senator Manny said at the moment he is only 60% the way there but building up to be 100% fitness come July 2nd, in time to defend his WBO world title against Jeff Horn in Brisbane.

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