Marco Huck planning move to heavyweight

By Patrick L. Stumberg

Huck has been stopped in two of his last five fights.

Everyone knows the captain doesn’t abandon ship.

Former cruiserweight champion Marco Huck recently told BILD that, rather than hang up the gloves after three losses in five fights, he intends to continue his career at heavyweight. He has fought there just once before, a 2012 near-upset over Alexander Povetkin before which he weighed in at 209.5 pounds.

Even with a top-heavy (heh) heavyweight division and Huck (40-5-1, 27 KO) being just 32, I can’t see this ending well. His considerable wear-and-tear aside, Huck’s roughhousing style doesn’t seem well-suited for wearing down bigger, stronger men. Sure, heavyweight cardio is by and large worse than cruiserweight cardio, but there’s only so much you can do to guys who outweigh you by 30+ pounds.

Who’s ready for Huck-Povetkin II?

Source:: Bad Left Hook