Mayweather-McGregor priced at $99.95

By Wil Esco

The fight will cost as much as Mayweather-Pacquiao…let that sink in.

According to Lance Pugmire of the LA Times, Floyd Mayweather’s August 26 fight against UFC’s Conor McGregor is going to run you a pretty penny, should you chose to buy it. The Showtime PPV is being priced at $99.95 in HD. So basically, the only realistic option if you’re were willing to shell out for the fight.

[For information purposes, it’ll cost $89.95 in standard definition.]

But what’s perhaps more noteworthy about this price point is that it’s the exact same amount that was charged for Mayweather-Pacquiao — a match that was sold as the The Fight of the Century. This fight can’t even be sold to you as that. This is something entirely different. A spectacle of the highest order; the greatest boxer of a generation against a man making his professional boxing debut. All for a cool hundred bucks.

If you willing to spend for a show more than a competition, that’s perfectly fine, but that’s all it is. Let’s just go into this with our eyes open.

How many of you are planning on buying the fight?

Source:: Bad Left Hook