Mayweather vs. McGregor: Malignaggi believes McGregor is likely to box again following Mayweather showdown

By joshua broom

Malignaggi states that boxing’s financial appeal could lure McGregor back for more

Former beltholder and current outspoken Conor McGregor sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi believes the UFC star will continue boxing part-time following a lucrative August 26 clash vs. Floyd Mayweather.

The “Magic Man” asserts that boxing’s weighty financial lure could entice McGregor away from the Octagon for sporadic squared-circle tilts.

Malignaggi concerning the benefits of a McGregor prizefighting foray:

“He’ll probably box again… you can make more money in boxing. We have the Ali Act that we’re protected by that, at least, it’s not going to prevent you from being screwed 100-percent, but it prevents you from being screwed the way they screw fighters in mixed martial arts.”

Updated forecasts slate the UFC kingpin’s earnings at $75-$100 Million USD for his showdown with Mayweather.

While McGregor is the Ultimate Fighting Championships’ top all-time financial draw, amassing $9.5 Million during a ten-fight span, when divided over a per-fight basis, this figure pales in comparison to the fees enjoyed by upper-tier prizefighters.

As a prime example of the Boxing/MMA salary discrepancy, Mayweather, (49-0 26 KO) claims he’ll add $300 million to an already hefty net worth post McGregor.

However, according to Malignaggi, “The Notorious” owns above-average pugilistic skills which might yield additional combat-sporting endeavors beyond MMA moving forward.

Source:: Bad Left Hook