Mosley: Mayweather Sr. vs McGregor is the real 50/50 fight!

By Wil Esco

Shane Mosley says Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Conor McGregor would be a better fight to make.

Shane Mosley appeared on the Colin Cowherd show today and among other topics he was asked for his thoughts on Mayweather-McGregor (obviously). And when asked for a scenario in which Mayweather actually loses to McGregor, Mosley responded:

64-year old Floyd Mayweather Sr. vs. Conor McGregor would be a better fight than Floyd vs. Conor according to @ShaneMosley_

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) August 18, 2017

“By way [Floyd] loses?” asked a perplexed Mosley. “I can’t even come up with a scenario. The best fight that I think is Floyd Mayweather Sr. and McGregor. He’s 64-years old. Now that’s a fight. That’s a good fight where I don’t know who’s gonna win. And I slightly, I slightly pick Floyd Mayweather Sr. I slightly pick him but I don’t know who’s gonna win that fight.”

Shane’s really taking his troll game to the next level here, and I can’t say I don’t appreciate it. Naturally Conor McGregor won’t look too kindly on comments stating he needs to fight an elderly trainer in order find himself in a competitive boxing match, but let’s talk about it!

Source:: Bad Left Hook