Official IBF Burnett-Haskins Statement

By Togorashi

On Saturday, June 10, 2017 the IBF Bantamweight bout between Lee Haskins and Ryan Burnett held at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland was ruled a split decision victory for Burnett as a result of a error with the scorecards. Due to this error, in which one of the scores after each round was recorded on the individual scorecards for the incorrect fighter, the bout was declared a split decision when it should have been ruled a unanimous decision in favor of Burnett. An error of this nature and at this level of the sport should not have occurred.

The IBF carefully considers the officials it recommends for appointment to a bout. Judge Clark Sammartino has been a member of the IBF for many years and has been a solid, reliable and consistent judge. He has an active officiating career and has worked at the world-class level. The IBF remains committed to recommending qualified and reliable officials to work its sanctioned bouts, and is fully intent on deterring a situation such as this one from occurring again in the future.

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