Opinion: Instant Replay Should Be Introduced

By Togorashi

By Joe Koizumi

This reporter was one of millions of worldwide television watchers that witnessed the WBA 122-pound unification bout between Guillermo Rigondeaux and Moises Flores in Las Vegas on Saturday. The ending and result were so problematic that we should seriously consider introducing the Instant Video Replay system to review the fight scene at our earliest convenience. This concept of utilizing the instant replay has been advocated by the WBC, and it was experimentally used in some places. But we should seriously put it into practice now that we actually saw such turmoil in the Rigondeaux-Flores encounter happen before a great many witnesses.

Rigondeaux had a couple of faults, as follows:

(1) Put his right hand around the next of Flores to fasten the target and punched him with his southpaw left hand

(2) Landed a final lethal shot to the face of Flores obviously after the bell to end the first round

Watching the post-fight scene in turmoil, this observer deeply sympathized with referee Vic Drakulich who had established a reputation as a good third man for many years. Vic, before making his decision, climbed down out of the ring and approached the desk of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to review the scene. He was attempting to do the right thing, but the NSAC, though having a screen monitor on the desk, couldn’t handle it to show Vic the replay he wanted. Could he have seen it, he would have never declared a victory for Rigondeaux.

Should it have taken place outside of Nevada, the supervisor of the organization (the WBA this time) would have higher authority–than the local commission (in this case, the NSAC)–to advise the referee that he should do this or do that. Had it been held in foreign countries than the US, the supervisor and judges would have more positively assisted the referee’s ultimate decision-making. Vic pitifully looked isolated without any supply of the instant video review and without any effective advice of the NSAC. It wasn’t his fault but a constructional error in making the final verdict. He was left alone without any attempt to save him.

This video collector hereby shows a previous example that a fight was declared No Contest after the offender (Riddick Bowe) erroneously made a fault to the victim (Buster Mathis Jr.) by an unintentional punch.

Hereby presented a more similar example to the Rigondeaux-Flores fiasco, which is another problematic ending where the offender (Rances Barthelemy) knocked out the victim (Argenis Mendez) with his last lethal shot in a combination-punching after the bell to end the second round with the ultimate verdict finally reserved from Barthelemy’s knockout to No Contest:

It seems too severe to call Rigondeaux the loser by disqualification since he committed it (the punch after the bell) by mistake. If so, the result should be reversed to No Contest rather than Flores’ win by disqualification.

In conclusion, the NSAC, the jurisdiction of the boxing Mecca in the world, should introduce and utilize the Instant Video Reply very soonest–not to see such a turmoil time and again.

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