Oscar De La Hoya: Golden Boy is serious about Linares-Garcia

By Scott Christ

Oscar De La Hoya says his company is serious about making a big fight with Jorge Linares and Mikey Garcia.

If you’re thinking that Golden Boy Promotions are just paying lip service to a possible fight between their fighter, Jorge Linares, and Mikey Garcia, Oscar De La Hoya says the company is serious about it — which, of course, you’re free to take with a grain of salt until a deal is done.

From ESPN:

“I’m letting everyone know that we are serious about making the fight. No interim fights, straight to this fight. We want the fight to happen in the first quarter of next year. Linares is all in.”

De La Hoya says that Linares (43-3, 27 KO) is “1,000 percent confident” he’d beat Garcia (37-0, 30 KO), and continued on sending a question to Garcia: does he want to be great, or just make money?

This fight, Oscar says, can do both for Garcia, who has, according to De La Hoya, been offered a 50-50 split of fight revenue, and that they aren’t seeking further options on Garcia, who is with Al Haymon.

This is really one of the best fights that can be made in all of boxing, and I’m sure pretty much all of us (it’s never unanimous) are hoping the deal gets done.

Source:: Bad Left Hook

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