Q&A Referee Mark Nelson

By Togorashi

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

American referee Mark Nelson is the third man in the ring when WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao defends the title against Jeff Horn in Brisbane today with 55,000+ live gate and televised on ESPN around the globe. Mark talks to Fightnews.com® about his career as a world championship referee.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A Referee Mark Nelson”

  1. Mark Nelson you are the referee in this mess tonight why didn’t you step up and do the right thing. You made the sport of boxing lose A lot of fans tonight. I respect you sir but I am ashamed.

  2. I really hope that the WBO is ready for the backlash from this atrocity. Manny Pacquiao maybe 38 but he has become a global icon that you gentlemen and a lady robbed this globally beloved icon as if you ran up and stole his wallet. Just kick his dog next time.
    Signed former avid boxing fan supporter and legacy from my Father in his Golden Glove days. I will not be a party to the downfall of a sport that has made dreams come true for the gifted and made fanatics out of us who just loved the sweet science. I am ashamed to teach my son he takes mixed martial arts. Hmmm

  3. Mark Nelson you were the ref of the battle of Brisbane what was your thoughts after each and every round seeing nanny being bullied out in the ring?
    Did you do your job accordingly?
    Was your experience enough to be a kin referee?

  4. Referee Mark Nelson how can you not give a point deduction or even a warning on Horn’s headbutts and grapplings on Manny? He (Horn) even uses his elbows! Man, you’re NO GOOD for a boxing referee!

  5. referee mark nelson if you believe in KARMA..much better you should pray and ask forgiveness to God ..money and power all of this only temporary but once you die you cannot bring to the hell …one thing do not come to our place in the PHILIPPINES we assure we can cut your neck or even your head also the THREE FUCKING JUDGES….you know FILIPINO..we are not afraid to any one…

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