The 12th Round: A Fresh Start for South American Boxing

By toshiro

By Mauricio Sulaiman
WBC President – Jose Sulaiman´s son

I want to begin by expressing to our dear Don Majeski our sincere support and best wishes for a the family problem he is facing at this time and our prayers are with him at all moments as his beloved wife Trudi is under medical care. Don Majeski is one of the most passionate persons in our sport. He has been involved since he was a teenager and is considered to be one of most knowledgeable experts in the world but most importantly is a true friend, one who would take a bullet for my father and who is as dear as a brother to all in the Sulaiman family and the boxing world in general.

I embarked on a trip which has brought to me some of the nicest feelings in a long time. I first visited Buenos Aires, Argentina where I met so many “old” friends, so many persons who spent countless hours with my father and I listened to countless stories about the good times they all shared with Don Jose and the WBC family through out the years. My flight from Panama to Buenos Aires was a red eye which was supposed to land at 6am, we had to fly to Paraguay due to zero visibility forcing the airport to be closed in Argentina. I eventually arrived and was treated to a great lunch by Ruben Bartolome and Sampson Lewkowicz. The rest of the day was basically full of meetings with different groups, friends and champions.

We held a press conference which was one of the nicest experiences I have enjoyed as President of the WBC. 250 persons showed up we talked boxing for 4 hours! Argentina is a great boxing country, so rich in history and so much potential to create many future champions. Boxing is extremely popular second in interest just being soccer. TYC Sports, a cable Tv Network broadcasts more than 100 cards every year and has been doing so for 25 years.

There was great interest as the WBC has proved Argentine´s Heiland to fight Charlo for the final elimination bout to determine the mandatory challenger of the middleweight division. WBC Superlighweight queen Erica Farias was present and her fight vs WBC welterweight champ and world Pound per Pound champion Cecilia Braekus will happen june 9 in Stockholm.

This glove is signed by Pope Francis “Francisco” and will be used to be part of BoxVal Argentina

Carlos Baldomir case was discussed as it has been confirmed that all accusations are false and were manufactured by his former wife only to hurt him. We will diligently work to plead the Santa Fe authorities to free him from jail as he is innocent and all tests and testimonies have proven such.

Amateur Boxing was also a major topic and the “Superliga” was announced which will be an amateur national tournament. The success of the WBC Amateur committee has been tremendous with support to many countries in which amateur competition has been superb. Canada, Spain, Peru, Nicaragua, California, Colorado, Illinois and other states of USA, and many states in Mexico, etc…. SuperLiga was announced with it´s President Marcos Arienti and the exitement was huge. Sergio Maravilla Martinez will be the ambassador and members of many states and provinces of Argentina are eager to begin. BoxVal which is the boxing program under Scholas Ocurrentes Foundation by Pope Francis will also take part of the boxing program for Argentina.

This is the SuperLiga Belt
This is one of the programs which is working in a successful manner in Argentina “Boxing without chains” as boxing lessons and training are given inside jail.

I was fortunate to spend time with family members of boxing icons like Firpo, Galindez and Monzon, Some champions were there like Martinez, Marcelo Dominguez, Santos Laciar, Marcela Acuña, Monica Acosta and Farias…. Coggi, Vazquez others were there too…… Some of the great journalists like Oswaldo Principi, santos Nicolini, Walter Nelson, Carlos Irusta and my gratitude goes to Silvana Carsetti who put a team together to organise such a wonderful event. The farewell dinner hosted by my friend Jorge Britto was memorable as the Tango filled the room, the jazz set the mood and I was even fortunate enough to play a song with such top musicians that magical night in Argentina.

Today I had the honor to meet the President of Uruguay in his office in Montevideo. A former boxer and boxing passionate Dr Tabare Vazquez. Uruguay is having the closing event of a 2 year tournament organised by Sampson under the CUBAP (Uruguay Amateur and Professional Boxing Commission) and its President Sergio Marquez with the best 4 fighters travelling to Mexico for a 2 month camp. To meet the 16 finalists was tremendous, their dreams and determination is humbling and tonight will be a special one in Punta del Este Convention Center ……

Boxing is a great sport. It doesn’t matter if you are in Argentina, Canada, South Africa or Thailand, it is all the same, its our language, its our life. Boxers choose the gym instead of drugs, alcohol and vandalism and use boxing as their bridge to cross ove to another life a better one, one that gives them pride and honor and changes their lives and the ones of their family members, friends and many more who follow the positive deeds and glories conquered by that kid who begun hitting a heavy bag not knowing where that journey would take him or her to.

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