Zou Shiming Interview

By Gleb Kuzin

Photo: DeLaRosa

We caught up with Zou Shiming at the Global Boxing Forum in Sochi, Russia. He looked good and was all smiles as he gave us a short interview.

Gleb Kuzin:

How do you feel about the loss you suffered to Sho Kimura? Do you want to continue boxing?

Zou Shiming:

If I can keep going, I will continue. One fight doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had so many victories over the past years, I won’t lose confidence just because of one match.

Gleb Kuzin:

Can you comment on the reports regarding your eye issues? (Interpreter restated: He asked whether you suffered any health problems after that match?)

Zou Shiming:

A little bit (pointing to the corner of his left eye, where a lot of the scar tissue was visible).

Zou’s Interpreter:

To add just a little bit to what Shiming said, he had an old issue in 2014. At the time he was checked out there were problems with his eyes, but he was still able to fight.

Gleb Kuzin:

How do you rate Sho Kimura’s chances of holding onto the belt he took from you?

Zou Shiming:

I congratulate him on his victory and I also heard that he has received many awards in his home country of Japan. But we have also received numerous awards in China thanks to our years of hard work. I also wish him (Kimura) luck on winning more fights while he’s still young.


(Adding on for Shiming): In the future we want to promote boxing in other countries, so that’s why we came to Russia and we also want to make friends with the whole world of boxing: we want to bring boxers together, promoters together, and we want to unite all of these groups with our promotions in China.

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